Your Health – Worth More Than Gold

Just above your need for wealth is your need for good health, in order to most enjoy your life.  Think about it.  You have a ton of money in the bank but you spend all your days in a hospital bed due to bad health.  Aside from the ability to pay for your treatment and care, you can’t go out and enjoy the balance of that money.

That’s an extreme situation but to another degree your lack of overall health will chip away at your food diet diabetes brimley diabeetuslifestyle over time.  Being obese can easily lead into Type 2 Diabetes.  What does that mean to you if left untreated?  It means your body starts falling apart.  Nerve endings begin to go dead or become painful.  Usually beginning in your extremities, at the soles of your feet and deadening upwards.  Then it creeps up to your penis and you do not want that to happen.  You will get some some warning signs though.  First the doctor will inform you they need to amputate your legs.  And that’s not to even mention the issue of slowly losing your eyesight.

Sucks, right?  And that’s just diabetes.  Then there’s your heart.  Being obese or lacking exercise sets you up for a host of issues there that you do not want to have to deal with.  From heart attacks to strokes, it’s a path that is no-muy-bueno.

So what can you do to take better care of yourself?

I’m no doctor, but I’ve seen them on t.v.  So I will share with you here an overall, general plan you can take to improve your health.  While ‘better health’ covers a wide spectrum of things you can do, I boil it down to 2 areas;  “What you eat.” and “What you do.”

What You Eat

If it goes into your body, it’s worth looking at.  You don’t need to be a licensed dietician to know that vegetables, fruits, grains are good for your body.  Some people have a real hangup about either pork or meat of any kind.  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.  Carbs, you generally want to keep those at a minimum.

Processed Foods –  These can be anything that is not ‘raw’.  Fast-food does not just grow off the side of a cow.  Major franchises are not into food spoilage so that stuff is pumped full of preservatives.   If you really want to see something that will blow you away about fast-foods.. I dare you to watch either of these videos;

The Truth About Your Food, “Food Inc”
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

To put it simply, fast-food is not your friend.  And that includes a lot of food items found ready-to-eat at the grocery store too.  There are plenty of healthy food websites online to educate yourself on making better food choices.  You can preview a bunch of them by clicking HERE.  My suggestion is that you find one of these websites and start doing some reading to see what changes you can make as part of your plan to maximise your bachelor lifestyle for the long run.

What You Do

The other part of your health (or lack of it) is how much exercise you make part of your weekly routine.  Some guys prefer resistance training and will “hit the weights” at the gym.  Other guys aregood health men life bachelor
more into some good cardio.  Personally, I think finding a good cardio activity and making that a
hobby is the easier route to sticking with it.  Picking up a heavy object over and over again is kinda boring for a lot of guys.   But taking up something like racquetball, swimming, walking, jogging or martial arts (which is kinda bad-ass to know anyway) can keep your interest level up over the long haul.  That’s just my take on it.

Moderation Is The Key

You might be thinking, “I’ve never had good eating habits.  And I’m pretty lazy about exercise.”  First thing to remember are these 3 words; “diabetes, penis, amputated”.  Second thing to remember is.. moderation.

I will be the first to tell you that I could use losing another 15 pounds or so right now.  But I will also tell you this.  When I started taking my health more seriously, I slowly dropped my weight from 232 pounds down to 189 pounds at one point.  These days I’m running about 195.  (combination of less walking after I bought a motorbike and lots of home cooking with my girlfriend.)  Here are some before/after pics of me.  I was hitting fast-food pretty heavy, but I cut it way down and did more walking when I moved to the Philippines.

overweight obese weight loss bachelorweight loss fat obesity diabetes

Don’t set goals that are setting you up for failure.  Don’t put on your jogging shoes and try to start running 5 miles each morning.  You will get cramps, be in pain and give up.  Start with a reasonable expectation.  Start with walking at end of day, about half a mile up the street and back.  Take it easy in the beginning.  As time goes on you will do that walk easily and want to do a light jog.  Work up to it at your own pace.While doing daily push-ups or sit-ups is great, if you are out of shape you may want to get started with something a bit easier.

One consideration is Tai Chi.  It’s basically stretching and balance.   Very low impact.  Looks cool, too.  And it’s a fun thing to teach a girl you want to get in with.   You can get started in the privacy of your own home with these Youtube videos.  Once you know the routine, download some Tai Chi music and you’re on your way.  Eventually you may take up a local class in tae kwon do, judo, arnis or karate.  (a great way to meet chicks, by the way.)  As you begin to stretch your muscles and sinews you will find yourself wanting to take it as step further and get started on those push-ups.

Moderation is also the key to changing your diet.  Only ‘some’ people can do the intense devotion to a strict diet.  If your diet has been pretty much “whatever tastes good” and in huge helpings.. here is what I suggest.

First, review what we just covered about raw food versus processed.  Try for what many call the “80/20 Rule”.  This means that 80% of the time you are striving to eat something health-conscious and in a smaller portion than you are accustomed to.  The other 20% of the time, enjoy that meat-lover’s pizza or fried chicken.  But still, try to keep the portions down.   What is a reasonable portion?  Well, consider that your empty stomach is about the size of a big fist.  It will stretch to hold a huge Thanksgiving dinner.. but just because you ‘can’ does not mean you ‘should’.  When you look at a plate of food, go for what you used to call a “kid’s meal” size portion.  You will find that if you eat it and wait about 15 minutes, your brain will tell you, “We’re good.  That’s enough food.”  Problem up until now is we are still stuffing ourselves during that stomach-to-brain signal.

So, start with the 80/20 Rule and smaller portions.  That combined with even moderate walking exercise and over a month’s time you will begin to see good changes.  And it’s those good changes such as dropping a few pounds and not being short of breath that will inspire you to take it up a notch.

Extra Credit

Here’s something that I am a big fan of; Juicing and Blending.  You say you don’t like to chew on mens health jucing blending bachelorsalads or chomp through three vegetables a day?  Blending is the answer.  You toss an even amount of vegetables and maybe a bit less fruit into the blender and BAMM, you can drink down a massive amount of wholesome, nutritious vitamins and fiber with no problem.

I personally prefer blending (in a blender) over using a ‘Juicer‘ since juicers remove the fiber.  That fiber is your friend.  It is the stuff that will clean you out, keep you a ‘regular’ guy and drop your chances of colon cancer.  Fiber, found in the vegetables and fruits you toss into a blender, is your friend for life and good health.  I used to maintain a FB page which you can check out here for some great blending recipes to get you started.

The Dark Side

Here are the things that will slowly chip away at your health and lead to problems down the road.

The first is “large portion sizes”.  One big meal a week is likely fine if you are exercising.  But eating until you are stuffed is not doing your body any good.  It’s way too much work on your kidneys, cholesterol, sugar, fats and digestive tract.  Solution:  Smaller servings.  In time your stomach will feel ‘full’ with less food.

The second is constant intake of fried foods, sugary foods or breads/pastas.  Fast-foods should be as little as possible.  It’s mostly a meal of sugar, fat and carbs.  Too much pork or even beef, which is a bit hard on your digestive tract in constant intake, is also a bad idea.  Solution:  Lots of grilled chicken.  Or in soups, even a chicken breast fried in a spoonful of olive oil is fine.  And the more veggies you can get in you, the better.

Lack of exercise.  This is my biggest challenge since I spend hours at the computer.  Other than your brain and fingers operating, the rest of your body is totally still.  Solution:  Gotta get off the seat and go walk around, stretch, do something that will get your heart beating faster.  (sex with a hottie is one suggestion.)

Too much alcohol.  I know guys who waited their whole life to retire in the tropics and they spend about 6 hours of each day drinking anywhere from 6 to 12 beers.. per day!  That’s a lot of carbs and work on the liver.  And then wonder why they have a heart attack or cirrhosis of the liver at retirement, when they should be having fun.  Hard liquor, that’s even worse.  Most years, I have about 1 beer a month on average.  If I’m out clubbing, at most 2 beers a night.  Solution:  Drink in moderation.  Keep it light.  One brandy with a friend on the weekend is fine.  A bottle of brandy each week, that’s not going to help you.  If anything, drink some red wine.  Some good health benefits tied to that in moderation.

Smoking.  I know this is a hard one.  But do you really want to keep on living in denial about lung cancer and emphysema?  Combined with alcohol, even worse.  Solution:  Quit.  I’m not here to say it will be easy.  I’m here to say quitting smoking is important to improving your health.  Only you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

And there you have it.  Take care of your body and you will get more good use out of it.  And if you’re anything like most guys, that means better performance from your body when it comes to performing in the sack.  That is not the time you want to be wheezing, short of breath, clutching your heart or pulling a muscle.  Make some decisions to begin getting back into shape.  Your future self will thank you for doing it today.

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Chief Editor

Author: Reekay Velez

Living the bachelor life since 2008, started and ran a successful computer repair business and catering company before deciding to travel and live in the Philippines in 2012. Created a successful travel vlog,, in 2013 with over 7 million views. Reekay also does a podcast,, and is slated to explore Southeast Asia in 2017 with a tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. He is the chief editor of and is also available for private consults via Skype.


  1. Interesting article Reekay. I am a HUGE fan of taking care of myself and like the majority of people, I do it imperfectly. I think one of the best things I ever did was go through Kaiser’s Positive Choice-Wellness program. WHY!? Because it was the best way I have ever experienced to have a HUGE win – motivating me to continue my success.
    I am 6’2″ and weighed 235lbs. BMI = 30.2 30+ = “Obese”… Which in my mind equals = Not gonna get laid. ,., that was also a pretty big motivator as a single guy. 😉
    In 6 weeks I lost 50lbs. NOW, many people might react (a.k.a judge that) and say, “OMG, you lost weight too fast… that’s not healthy…. you’re crazy… blah blah blah.
    In my experience, all the people who didn’t support what I was doing were (wwaaaaaiiit for iiiitttt) FAT.
    I got to 185lbs after doing the medically supervised weight loss program based upon Ketosis. Quite frakly, it was one of the simplest things I’ve ever done as well.. You drink 5 shakes per day (again, Medically supervised: Weigh-ins, Blood pressure, Blood checks weekly, etc…)
    I got of my high blood pressure medication, i got off my cholesterol medication and many people in this same group pf folks were able to revert their Type -2 diabetes. So, relative to your point, there were not a whole lot of legs being amputated. Sweet right!?
    So, I stated “this was simple”…. indeed, it was. BUT, lets be clear, I didn’t say it was EASY?
    Quitting cocaine was also simple. Don’t do cocaine… yeh, that’s not EASY for some.
    But, I can tell you, after 25 years clean and sober, i would not have been able to Stay quit without a support group. AND, that is another part of Kaiser’s offering @ Positive Choice wellness center: Weekly group meetings.
    For guys that might not have Kaiser Permanente or Sharp or Scripps or Molina or whatever, this site you’ve made here could be a GREAT place for us to share our experiences and successes and frustrations about healthy weight.
    Like you, I’ve traveled throughout SE Asia quite a bit and, like you, when I am over there, I frequently lose 5 lbs per trip. If I’m really walking a lot, I have sometimes lost 5 lbs per week. The food is simply better. BUT, as you know, its not a requirement to get on a plane for 15 hours and walk around the islands of the Philippines or Thailand to control your weight or health.
    I’m really looking forward to more guys joining this site and hearing their successes with weight loss… weight maintenance… and staying healthy. I think its a required foundation for a successful relationship.
    … thanks for letting me share!
    Keep up the great work on this site.
    All the best,

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