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The Goal of

While the focus of this site is simple, the breadth of it is wide!  Let’s jump right in and begin with the Focus.

FOCUS:  To give you, the reader, the advice and guidance on how to create for yourself the life you really want.

I told you it was simple.  This site is the result of seeing too many guys float into a life that they simply did NOT plan out.  When is the time to plan out your life?  Well, the best time is when you are still SINGLE, a Bachelor.  Let’s face it, once you walk down the aisle or pump out a few kids.. most of the big decisions in life just got made for you.  Your new wife and kid are now the driving priority for, well.. basically the rest of your life.

“But I’m already married and/or got kids!  Am I screwed or what?”  Don’t worry.  Part of our site will do what we can to make the most of your situation.  But honestly, your basic plan is to earn a good living so that your wife and kids can have a decent to great life.  Your choices about where you live and what your money gets spent on will be focused on them.  (As it should be.)

“Hey.. I’m still single.  What you got for me?”

Glad you asked.  YOU are the reason this site was put together.  You may have been told by society that being ‘single’ is something you gotta fix.  We’re here to tell you those people are not seeing the Big Picture.  Being a bachelor is THE most awesome position to be in.  Why?  Because if you are single and have not yet cranked out any babies.. you are in a pole position to chart your own course in life.  You can design the life you maybe never even dared to dream of.  And our crack team of writers who have walked the walk are here to help you.

This site will cover the advantages of being a bachelor and how to maximise the hell out of it.  Plain and simple.

“So.. are you guys anti-marriage?  Or anti-women, anti-relationships?”

Nope.  We believe that IF you ever do decide to get married, it should be on YOUR terms and when you are damn good and ready for it.  Until then, rock the hell out of being a bachelor.   Date and make the most of it.   Marriage is great and wonderful as a concept.  But you will need your financial house in order and know what type of woman you want.  Because if you let your heart or your little-head decide, you will statistically (40% chance) pick the woman who will divorce you in 7 years and take half your stuff with her.   We will do our best to help you avoid picking the wrong woman and guide you on how to date the women you really should be considering.  

So, get married.. someday.  When it’s on your terms.  Until then, we are here to help you truly bachelor life coach plan enjoy enjoy life.  To make YOUR dreams come true.  Lots of guys reach this point of Bachelor Bliss and then decide, “Meh, what am I really gaining in marriage compared to what i’m enjoying as a bachelor?” and they decide to stay single for life.  Maybe that’s you, maybe not.  Either way, it’s your call.  But don’t let your life get sucked into a vortex of pre-scripted decisions before giving yourself a chance to see what you can do with all your time, money and energy focused on YOUR goals first.

You owe it to yourself.  And we’re here to help.

So browse the growing list of articles.  We have videos planned as well.  Tell your single buddies to visit the site and let’s do this.  Design the life you want.


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Author: Reekay Velez

Living the bachelor life since 2008, started and ran a successful computer repair business and catering company before deciding to travel and live in the Philippines in 2012. Created a successful travel vlog,, in 2013 with over 7 million views. Reekay also does a podcast,, and is slated to explore Southeast Asia in 2017 with a tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. He is the chief editor of and is also available for private consults via Skype.


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